Cost Calculation Metal

Learn how to quickly estimate cost for Additive Manufacturing

About This course

Sound knowledge of the actual manufacturing cost is the basis for every decision made on Additive Manufacturing business cases. The Cost Calculation Metal course will enable you to understand the cost structure of different technologies and quickly estimate the cost for a certain part. It can act as a guideline for designers that can still influence the cost of a certain part. The course will both teach cost calculation formulas as well as general rules of thumb for different technologies.

What will be included in this course?

What you will gain from The Cost Calculation Metal course

Who the Cost Calculation Metal course is for

This course is for everybody that needs to calculate cost for metal AM components including designers, sales employees, managers and procurement. If you have no prior knowledge of Additive Manufacturing, it is recommended that you complete the AM Fundamentals course before taking this course.

After the course you will be able to quickly estimate the cost of a certain part for the most common metal technologies.  This course will also prepare you to take more applied courses such as the Part Identification course.

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