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Additive Manufacturing Training

Self-paced online learning programs and hands-on live trainings

Online learning programs

Self-paced Additive Manufacturing training programs covering the most important topics on the AM market such as technology fundamentals, working principles, typical applications and current trends. The online learning can be used by individuals and at the same time allows companies to train a high number of employees. The programs are continuously updated and allow you to constantly stay up to date with the latest developments on the Additive Manufacturing market. Go to the Online Learning page. 

Live trainings

In-depth live trainings to discuss your applications allowing you to experience different technologies. All live courses are based on the online learning programs and are thus a good opportunity to dive deeper into the most important topics. Each live training can be held on-site or online. The Additive Manufacturing training programs are delivered by AM experts with several years experience in applying the technology. You can choose from several pre-configured standard courses or configure a course based on specific requirements. Go to the live training page. 

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Good reasons for the AMPOWER Academy

The AMPOWER team behind the Academy combines over 50 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing training as well as over 300 international customer projects and trained more than 500 managers and engineers worldwide. The online learning program is the first of its kind that combines self-made videos with best-in-class content. The focus is on industrial Additive Manufacturing and covers all technologies and industries.

Additive Manufacturing Online Learning Programs

Discover our online learning programs

The AMPOWER online learning program consist of several courses covering the most important topics to get started with Additive Manufacturing. Participants can take these courses at their own pace and each course takes about 2-3 hours to complete. The content is explained via illustrations, videos and external content in order to ensure an optimal learning experience. All courses include a wide range of examples from different industries such as automotive, aviation and medical. The online learning programs are targeted towards managers, designers and other professionals that are getting started with Additive Manufacturing. 

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Additive Manufacturing Courses

Build up core expertise through live trainings

The Additive Manufacturing live trainings are designed to train a small group of people in certain topic. The pre-defined training programs such as BASIC, DESIGN or PILOT PROJECT are based on a proven concept and therefor lead to the promised outcome in a short amount of time. Additionally, tailored training programs e.g. for marketing and sales or quality management and documentation can support you in training specific functions. The hands-on trainings for binder jetting or metal specialist allow you to experience Additive Manufacturing production. If none of these programs matches your needs, a tailored training can be developed based on your situation.

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You can access the first course Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals for free after creating your account. 

Additive Manufacturing Training Content: Process Categories

Broad coverage of all relevant technologies

The Additive Manufacturing trainings cover all relevant technologies for metal and polymer Additive Manufacturing. The most mature processes such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Directed Energy Deposition or Metal Binder Jetting are covered in more detail to focus on technologies the at are relevant in an industrial context today. For each these technologies, the working principle, typical characteristics and materials are presented together with leading suppliers. Upcoming technologies are constantly evaluated and will be added to the different courses once they have reached a certain maturity in order to ensure that each Additive Manufacturing training stays up to date. The most information about technologies can be found in the courses on Metal Technologies and Polymer Technologies.

Typical applications from different industries

The Additive Manufacturing training programs include a wide range of application examples from different industries such as aviation, automotive and the medical sector. The applications cover the entire value chain including prototyping, tooling, end use components and spare parts. Application examples are presented with background information both on design improvements and the impact on the supply chain of a company. The case studies include background information regarding the technology, materials and companies involved. Applications are used throughout all courses, especially in the courses AM Fundamentals, Metal Technologies and Polymer Technologies.

Additive Manufacturing Training Applications
Additive Manufacturing Training Actionable Advice

Actionable advice you can apply to your situation

The Additive Manufacturing training programs contain guidelines that can be applied to your company such as typical characteristics of the most common technologies or the part identification methodology. This ensures that the content that is taught in the online learning programs can directly be applied by the participants in their daily work. Additionally, these methodologies can be applied during the live trainings to create tangible results. The course on Part Identification is best if you would like to apply theoretical knowledge to your business. 

What is the basis of the AMPOWER Academy

The Additive Manufacturing training programs are based on several years of experience in teaching leading industrial companies and professionals. While the initial workshops and trainings were all held in person, over time the trainings have shifted more and more to remote trainings that are delivered online. The current set-up of delivering the most critical skills via self-paced online learning programs and providing in-person trainings to dive deeper and apply the content is seen as the most effective way to create concrete results. 

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